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Kerriann Sheppard
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Kerriann Sheppard was last confirmed as an attorney in good standing with the bar in the following state(s): California on September 28, 2011

Name: Kerriann Sheppard
Company: Law Offices of Sheppard & Associates
Job Title:
Managing Attorney/Owner
Tax Attorney
Address: 2740 Fulton Ave, Suite 208A
City: Sacramento
State: California
Zip Code: 95821
Phone: 800-935-9609
Company Website:
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Bar Number: 264709
Bar Court Admissions: State Bar of California
Employment Experience: -Legal Analyst/Intern - of the US Virgin Islands, 2004-2005 -Law Clerk/Intern - US District Court of the US Virgin Islands, 2005 -Law Clerk/Intern - The Ward Firm, 2008-2009 -Tax Attorney - Law Offices of Sheppard & Associates - 2011- now
Education: -McGeorge School of Law, 2006-2009 -Liberty University, 2003-2006 -St. Croix Educational Complex, 1998-2002
Practice Area:
Taxation Law
Company Overview: The Law Offices of Sheppard & Associates represents taxpayers owing back taxes to the IRS or the State of California. The services offered includes, Offer in Compromise (settle your debt for less), Installment Agreement, Streamlined Installment Agreement, Currently Non Collectible, and Full Pay Service. Initial Consultations are Free!

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Kerriann Sheppard:
Please take a moment to review my brother's documentary. It is a must see.

A little about myself.
At the Age of 5 I decided that I wanted to become the first Attorney in my family. My desire to become an Attorney stemmed from my caring nature. I wanted to be able to help people gain acess to justice, and today I am very proud to say that I am living my dream.


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Christina Hernandez
Nice to see you here Kerrian. And want to tell you again that the documentary is awesome.
Please let us know if there is anything that we at Attorney Assisted could do to help you. We offer complete legal documentation work. Hope to see you around.
Tuesday, 10 April 2012 03:07
Christina Hernandez
Thanks for the request! Hope to have future conversation. Have a bless full day!
Kerriann SheppardKerriann Sheppard on Wednesday, 02 November 2011 13:17

Thank you Christina. I look forward to it.

Thursday, 29 September 2011 02:05